Basic Plan

For small accounts starting up

$29 /month

No commitment, cancel anytime

  • 500 Instagram followers
  • 1,000 likes spread across posts
  • 100 custom comments
  • Basic support
Growth Plan

For rapidly expanding accounts

$79 /month

Try 7 days free, cancel anytime

  • 2,000 Instagram followers
  • 5,000 likes spread across posts
  • 250 custom comments
  • Priority support
  • Weekly analytics report
Premium Plan

For large accounts seeking maximum growth

$149 /month

Try 14 days free, cancel anytime

  • 5,000 Instagram followers
  • 15,000 likes spread across posts
  • 500 custom comments
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • Daily analytics report
  • Live stream viewers boost
Questions & answers

Frequently asked


Buying Instagram followers can increase your visibility and credibility on the platform, potentially leading to organic growth and enhanced engagement.

Purchasing followers can give your profile an instant boost, but it's important to focus on engaging content to retain these followers and attract new ones organically.

Purchasing live stream views can increase the visibility and attractiveness of your live sessions, potentially drawing in more organic viewers and increasing engagement.

Buying likes can temporarily enhance the appearance of popularity, which may attract more viewers and potential organic engagement to your posts.

Purchasing video views can increase the perceived popularity of your content, potentially leading to higher ranking in feeds and more organic views.

Buying comments for live streams can create an illusion of higher engagement and interaction, which may encourage more users to participate actively in your live sessions.