Exciting Updates for Content Creation on Instagram

Instagram is committed to providing creators with the best tools to unleash their creativity, connect with their audiences, and feel supported on our platform. Today, we're thrilled to announce a series of enhancements to various content creation features, including reels, feed photos, carousels, and stories. Additionally, we're introducing new insights to help you gain a deeper understanding of your content's performance.

Here are the highlights of the updates:

  • Streamline your video editing process with handy new tools like undo and redo, designed to simplify the editing of individual clips.
  • Get creative and craft new memes by effortlessly adding audio clips to your reels from our brand-new media clip hub.
  • Express yourself with flair using fresh text-to-speech voices, updated fonts, and an array of text styles.
  • Make your reels and stories stand out by transforming any part of a photo into a personalized sticker.
  • Convey your emotions with ease by experimenting with our new photo filters, allowing you to explore various moods for your photos and carousels.
  • Gain valuable insights into your content's performance, including the introduction of Replays and a brand-new retention chart.

Revolutionizing Reel Creation on Instagram

We're currently testing exciting features that will empower you to scale, crop, and rotate individual clips within your reels. Changing your mind during editing? No worries, as undo and redo features are coming soon to save you time. Additionally, we're simplifying your access to essential tools like Voiceover.

Embark on a journey of creating meme-worthy content by incorporating audio clips. We're testing the ability to seamlessly pull audio clips from our clip hub and seamlessly integrate them into your reels. Engage your audience by exploring the world of memes and encouraging them to create their own remixes. Furthermore, we're introducing 10 new English text-to-speech voices, available in select countries. Unleash your creativity with six fresh text fonts and styles, supporting numerous languages. To make your text truly pop, you can even add outlines for enhanced clarity.

When you're on the hunt for the perfect audio for your reels, we're testing innovative ways to access the audio browser or discover trending audio. Quickly jump to the audio page from the top of your camera roll to find inspiration effortlessly.

And there's a brand-new look for Drafts! We're making it easier than ever to manage your in-progress reels by offering a streamlined view of all your saved drafts. No more confusion about which draft you were working on – soon, you'll be able to preview, rename, and schedule your drafts in advance.

To elevate your Reels and stories to the next level, we're testing the ability to create custom stickers using your own photos and videos from your camera roll, or from eligible photos and videos you come across on Instagram. Additionally, we're exploring the possibility of crafting custom stickers from videos. These features are the result of our continuous commitment to